Gia Capparelli

Gia's singing and songwriting are key to the Aegean sound. She was born in Chicago, with roots in Italy and Greece, but was raised in Austin where she learned how to "sing with the band."

Julie learned the dark art of cello playing while growing up in Houston and later studied cello and German at Boston University. In Seattle, in the '90s, she formed a coffeehouse quartet called Quirktet. Some years ago she began playing with Jimmy at the Hootenanny and has been in Aegean since the beginning. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to bossa nova, communing with cats and and photographing clouds.

Julie Carter

Singer songwriter Jimmy played in rock and country bands for more than 20 years in Dallas before moving to central Texas where he mostly played solo performances on the Rio Grande and Guadalupe while honing his river skills. After migrating to the north Lake Travis area after the turn of the century, Jimmy and Eric Mancilla created the Linton Mancilla band making two records and playing at venues all over Austin. 


Jimmy Linton



Hootenanny is a Scottish word meaning "celebration" or "party."  Nowadays, the word most commonly refers to a  party where different performers are welcome to get up and play in front of an audience. (Wikipedia)

The "hootenanny" mentioned on this page refers to a secret, private, music venue in the hills north of Lake Travis.